Charismatic not Charismaniac

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

As many of you who follow my blog know, this past year I left a nine year ministry in a large church that I loved and was very comfortable in to start a new church. Why? Because over the past few years, God slowly and lovingly began to change my theology concerning the Holy Spirit from one in which I really didn’t expect the Holy Spirit to work in the same way today He did in Bible times, to a new conviction through both study and personal experience, that indeed the Holy Spirit can and does want to still work to do supernatural stuff in our world today.

So I a new church-a charismatic church. What I have found is that with this new experience of leading a charismatic church have come some interesting conversations. People have some preconceived ideas either through stories they’ve heard, bad past personal experiences, or just ideas in their head about what to expect at “this kind of church.” I have repeatedly talked to friends and even family members who weren’t sure they wanted to visit because “I’m not a holy roller” or “that Holy Spirit stuff freaks me out” or “that’s not for me.”

However, what I have found as I have been able to get some of these people to set aside their preconceived ideas and let their defenses down and actually visit the church is that they inevitable will come back saying, “that wasn’t what I thought it would be like at all. That wasn’t weird at all. That was powerful. I really sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit.”

And all this has gotten me thinking-what do people really expect? That we are going to be handling snakes, drinking poison, having a free for all where anyone and everyone who wants to stands up and prophesy or speak in tongues in the service can do so at the same time? And through conversations I have had on a deeper level I have found that is exactly what most of these people expected.

And honestly I get it because there are some churches out there where weird and whacked out stuff and utter chaos in a church service is attributed to the Holy Spirit. But we are not charismaniacs. We are charismatics. When the Holy Spirit is poured out on a church things happen that cannot be explained by human effort and ingenuity but only by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The supernatural becomes natural. But a true charismatic church is not weird or whacked out. Let me tell you want to expect at Freedom Fellowship.

  • A church that preaches Jesus as our Savior and Lord through His death burial and resurrection.
  • A church that believes that the same Holy Spirit who empowered Jesus, the same Holy Spirit that was poured out on the church on Pentecost, the same Holy Spirit who empowered the apostles in the book of Acts to do signs and wonders and miracles is still the same Holy Spirit available to do the same things in the church today.
  • A church that believes the baptism of the Holy Spirit is available to all believers.
  • A church that believes all the spiritual gifts available in Bible times are still active in the world today and we allow manifestations of these gifts to be part of our worship services in a “decent and orderly” way.
  • A church that seeks the presence of the Holy Spirit in our services as we worship exuberantly.
  • A church that prays with faith, anticipation and expectation that God will move in response to our prayers.

You will not see us…

  • Drinking poison
  • Handling snakes
  • Barking like dogs
  • Biting the heads off of chickens
  • Or allowing chaos in our worship services

We are charismatics not charismaniacs. Come check us out!

  1. Hi Cousin, it’s great to see your blog and that you are following where the Holy Spirit has led you. I’ve been a born again Christian for almost 20 years now. We are living in the bay area but would love to stop in and see your church and family some time. Take care, Robyn Hudson-Vasquez

  2. mspraise says:

    I left Castle Rock and SECC in March to move to Texas. I’ve been visiting various churches, and keep ending up at charismatic churches: The Heartland Church (Pastor Dan Dean of Philips, Craig and Dean), and Gateway Church (Pastor Robert Morris. I see communities of believers who live their faith every day, where I feel like I’ve been to church when I leave the service. I’ve been to a conference where I heard a number of pastors speak, some I thought were “way out there!” But guess what? They aren’t. I’m on a journey for sure.

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