One Touch

Posted: April 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

As Jesus was on His way to the house of Jairus, a synagogue ruler, to heal his daughter who was on the verge of death, a crowd pressed in around Him.  The people had heard Jesus was on His way to do something supernatural, something miraculous and they wanted a ticket to that show, so a huge entourage followed Jesus as they hurried to Jairus’ house.  As Jesus and the multitude of people passed by, there was a woman who heard that Jesus, the healer she had heard opened blind eyes and made the lame to walk and the deaf to hear and she thought, if I can just get to Jesus and even touch Him, I will get the healing miracle I need.

This woman is nameless in scripture.  She is simply identified by her condition-the woman with the issue of blood. For 12 years this woman had been bleeding constantly.  I’m sure she was weak and anemic.  She had been to all the best doctors, the specialists who had made promises and given her hope only to leave her with no cure and no money because she had spent it all on the doctors.  Her hope had drained along with her money but then she heard that Jesus was passing by and new hope sprung up within her.  She knew she needed to get to Him.

But Jesus hadn’t come for her, He was on His way to heal someone else.  That didn’t stop her.  Jesus had a huge crowd of people around Him.  That didn’t stop her.  Jesus didn’t stop for her.  But that didn’t stop her.  Jesus didn’t even look her direction.  No, instead of waiting for Jesus to come to her, she went to Him.  She pressed through the crowd, all the while saying over and over, if I can just but touch the hem of his garment, I will be made whole.

Think of some of the obstacles she had to climb over to get to Jesus.  She had to climb over the religious obstacles.  The law said she couldn’t touch anyone but she climbed over the law and said if I can just touch Him.  She had to climb over her history. She had been to all the best doctors only to leave disappointed.  But she climbed over her history, saying if I can just touch Him.  She had to climb over the crowd that was pressing in around Jesus saying, if I can just touch Him.  And she got to Jesus and she simply touched the hem of His garment and healing power flowed from Jesus and the Bible says immediately she was healed.  Immediately.  She had been sick for 12 years but immediately she was healed.  It didn’t take 12 years for the condition to get better, the moment she touched the hem of Jesus garment, immediately she was made whole.

I don’t know what you might need from Jesus today and I don’t know how long you have needed it, but I believe like this woman, if you can just touch Him, you will be made whole.  You may have some obstacles to climb over.  You may have to climb over religion, past disappointment, people, or whatever it is that stands between you and Jesus but if you can just touch Him, you can be made whole-physically, relationally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, in any area of your life.  All you need to do is reach out and touch Him.  It doesn’t matter where you touch Him, only that you touch Him. All it takes is just one touch and you can be made whole.

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